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Diet dan diet

The easiest diet

Means of disposal of excess weight More than 60% of the population suffers from weight gain (BMI 25-29 kg 2), which is one of the most important risks of...

Diet dan diet

Dieting for the abdomen

Fat belly Abdominal fat or central fat is defined as a clear accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and can be estimated by measuring the waist...

Diet dan diet

Benefits of malt barley

barley Barley is one of the oldest plants known to humans. It was used to make bread and to feed animals. It was known during the reign of the Prophet (peace...

Diet dan diet

What is fluid diet?

Dieting is one of the best types of dieting that has proven effective and successful in all people who followed it. In sixteen days, the weight can be reduced...

Diet dan diet

Blood type

What is the validity of the talk about dieting blood type? Large numbers of people of all ages seek to lose weight or at least to maintain it without...